Thursday, January 5, 2012

March 2011 Recap...


March was white and bitter cold but I was dreaming of moss and spring! Weekly topics were: Green and Mossy, Kids and Critters, Typography and Bunnies,Birdies, Branches and Blooms.

Monday Inspirations:    (WEEK 1) (WEEK 2) (WEEK 3) (WEEK 4)
Tuesday Misc posts:     (WEEK 1) (WEEK 2) (WEEK 3) (WEEK 4)
Wednesday Etsy finds:   (WEEK 1) (WEEK 2) (WEEK 3) (WEEK 4)
Thursday Art Additions: (WEEK 1) (WEEK 2) (WEEK 3) (WEEK 4)
Friday Rooms & Misc:    (WEEK 1) (WEEK 2) (WEEK 3) (WEEK 4)

Hope you are enjoying my little backtrack through 2011-it's kinda cool for me to see what I was doing around the house and stuff. Stayed tuned for more time travel...

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homestilo said...

Love all of the green here.Plus my birthday is in March so I may be biased. But I especially love that chair!