Monday, March 21, 2011

MONDAY INSPIRATIONS: Bunnies, Birdies, Branches, and Blooms....

That's right it's finally time for me to decorate for spring! I'm pretty sure almost everywhere else is in full on spring mode-plants beginning to sprout and the weather is slowly warming, but up here in Northern MI-it's COLD! No plants, no green, not yet anyway, but it is the official first day of spring!

 I did some spring cleaning over the weekend-took tons of clothing and baby stuff to goodwill and cleaned out the garage a bit. I also did some much needed organizational stuff in the bedrooms and some good ol' fashioned scrubbing of everything! AHH-doesn't that feel good? I love it when the house is clean-not just "picked up" I'm talking-your mother-in-law is coming to stay with you-clean! :)

Anyway the partial spring cleaning event made me realize that I need to get some cute little spring things out and around the house this week. All week I'll be focusing on some seasonal decorating inspiration. I have some crafts planned and some more painted windows coming this Friday and I just might finally paint the hall and walls by the staircase-blue??? should be fun!

 Adding little things to your decor for the season is pretty easy-toss out a fresh pillow or new duvet, maybe if it's in the budget-- a pretty rug. Art can really liven up your space too-head over to Etsy for budget friendly prints or do a little DIY of your own! Don't forget to get out some cute spring jewelry and accessories for yourself as well! Here's some of my springtime decorating Monday Inspirations....

hope you like....

1. Maine Cottage Jill dining chair in Tweet Suite
2. Pottery Barn Woodland organic duvet
3. Oil painting of Robin's Nest-Studiolara316-Etsy
4. Emma Feather pendant light-Jayson Home and Garden
5. Flower pillow-Bedbuggs-Etsy $21.60
6. Paper Wreath-cute DIY idea-Dana and Carol-Etsy $25
7. DIY bunny garland idea
8. beautiful rose centerpiece- Jayson H & G
9. Green side table $225 Uncommon-Etsy
10. Vernal Cusp Rug-Anthropologie
11. Bunny statue-Pottery Barn
12. Dalmatian blown glass bird-Ittala Toikka
13. Bird lights-Pottery Barn
14. Fresh and Pretty-Happy Stockholm-via Decor 8
15. Bunny clutch-Jcarterhandmade-Etsy
16. pretty spring necklace-Papernstitch-Etsy
17. Bunny and Hare kitchen
18. Spring Bird frame-Cherry and East
19. Pottery Barn Easter Vignette
20. Classic chinese garden stool
21. Artwork-Brownpaperbagart-Etsy


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