Thursday, January 5, 2012

February 2011 AF Recap

Hey back again for some more recaps of 2011.

We were still in Louisiana in February, escaping what we thought was the most bitter part of the Northern Michigan winter. Baby Roo turned one and we had a little party in our 5th wheel. I brought along a small craft box and had some limited crafting capabilities so I worked with what we had! It was the beginning of my blogging experience and I was still trying to figure out what my focus was and I'll admit I was all over the place-haha. Weekly topics were Baby boy/party stuff, LOVE, and White and Branches
Monday Inspirations for week 2  in Feb 2011

Monday Inspirations:                    (WEEK 2) (      ) (WEEK 4)
Tuesday Misc posts:            (WEEK 1) (WEEK 2) (WEEK 3) (WEEK 4)
Wednesday Etsy finds:      (WEEK 1A)(1B)(WEEK 2) (      ) (WEEK 4)
Thursday Art Additions:        (WEEK 1) (WEEK 2) (WEEK 3) (WEEK 4)
Friday Rooms & Misc:           (WEEK 1)          (WEEK 3) (WEEK 4)

Wow-I started on my staircase one year ago now! Well I'm happy to report that next week I'll show you the finished stairs! Do you believe me? It's true! As always, I had to get creative...

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