Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A new year begins....

ahhh...that felt good. I have to admit that I've enjoyed my little vacation from blogging. I even pondered whether or not I should continue to blog. When I began blogging I really came out of my creative shell so to speak. Searching for the things I like and want to feature here on AF has given me a wonderful source of inspiration but it also takes up alot of time. I've really enjoyed the past two weeks spending time doing the projects I haven't had time for and more importantly spending time with my boys. But, I've noticed I'm not as creative right now either. I guess in a way, blogging gives me the "excuse" I need to spend a little time with the things I like, the things that inspire me. When I think about quitting it makes me really sad. So, onward I march. This year I'll be looking for ways to explore the content I love but to also simplify a bit so I can get back to what matters most here in the real world-um I mean not here here but here in my chair at my desk in my house with my boys-real world. :)

That being said, I've really missed my little blog and decided that the beginning of the year was a perfect opportunity to look back at  my posts from 2011. I'll take a few days to re-aquaint you with some artists, shops, photos and blogs you may have missed! Here's a recap of January!

JANUARY 2011- First ever post for me on Jan 17th. It all began with my (mostly) regular feature Monday inspirations this one was blue. I'll admit when I look back at some of the early stuff I think "jeez, I totally didn't know what I was doing!" lol- I really have come along way. This first post came to you from our 5th wheel in Louisiana-just outside New Orleans. My husband was working down there and we decided to shut the house up north down for the winter, take the boys and go! Good times...

Monday Inspirations posts: Blue,  Industrial, Baby Boy stuff, 
Tuesday  posts Misc stuff: First, Second, 
Wednesday Etsy Artist Finds: Week 1Week 2, 
Thursday Art Additions (my work): Week 1, Week 2, 
Friday stuff: Week 1, Week 2,

Haha It was cool going down memory lane! Catch up some more with me the rest of the week! Glad to be back!

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