Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I try to organize my blog so that I myself can operate with some semblance of order and productivity! So in order to do this I do certain things on certain days of the week. Those who regularly read this blog probably have that figured out. Mondays--Monday Inspirations-this sets the tone for the week, Wednesday-always Etsy shops and an occasional blog, Thursday Art Additions that's when I post my own work and Fridays are kind-of a toss up but I've been doing mostly Humble Abode posts-things from around our house plus enviable designer rooms from around the blogosphere. But Tuesday-oh Tuesday? I have a page of topics that Tuesday can be about but there's no structure on that day-I just throw in some stuff that goes with my weekly theme.

 So-my point-I have one-I'm gonna call it  ANYTHING GOES TUESDAY! On these days you might find a great picture or a DIY project-whatever has inspired me that doesn't fall into the other categories I've got going on throughout the week.

So today I've got an inspiring St. Patty's day poster, 2 random pics I like and a cool DIY project! I know-tomorrow is St Patty's Day-but It' my ETSY day you see...and there's always alot of content on Wednesdays. As a good Irish girl I've got to pay little homage to the best drinking holiday of the year-plus I'm going to busy at my mom's for a little corned beef and cabbage and perhaps a green beer!--mmmmmm....

hope you like...

awesome right! Beer graphic poster from popchartlab

I think this is so cool...

excerpt from Moby Dick-This made an impression on me for obvious reasons-let's keep the Japanese people in our thoughts and prayers! 

I found this cool little DIY project over on another  blog called the Lettered Cottage. Kevin and Layla Palmer blog about all kinds of interior design stuff! This is a massive site with nearly 7000 followers--including me!!! Perhaps you spotted that cute little Ordinal Dresser from Anthropologie for a whopping $998 on my Monday Inspirations? Well they found it and loved it too and decided to do a DIY version. I was going to do my own-Lord knows I've painted a dresser or two in my day!!! But this is so cute and easy I thought I'd post theirs! Just click on the pic and it'll take you to their blog for the full story. While you're there take a look around-they have great stuff!

Anthropolgie dresser

$40 DIY dresser from the Lettered Cottage


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AmyeToTheRescue! said...

Love the excerpt from Moby Dick! Glad to have found your blog!