Monday, January 16, 2012

Blending your style with your kids tastes. Is it possible?

Lately I've been searching for some cool bedding for the boys. I'm finding that it's difficult to blend their tastes with something I actually like! Ezzie is 5 and keeps telling me he wants camouflage walls, orange accents and Transformers on the walls. The other one is 2 and still in a crib. I'd like to keep some of the core pieces to keep costs low but I'd love to just walk into Ikea and buy a whole ensemble and be done with it! How do you keep your child's  opinion about what they want from overshadowing what your are dreaming about for your home? I'm telling you umm I haven't exactly been dreaming about Optimus Prime.

 There are 2 schools of thought on this one I think. Those who just decorate it how they want and take comfort in knowing that the kids will eventually accept it and those who let the kids do whatever they want. I'm tending toward the middle of this debate. I really want to teach Ezzie that I value his feelings and I want him to be happy and feel like it is his space. However I don't want to look at a camouflage nightmare everyday! I'll keep you posted on our progress.

While searching for inspiration on the matter I hit a website called Rosenberry Rooms. It's a cute site for childrens decor and kind of reminds of Land of Nod.

 I loved this Double Decker bedding collection from the Designers Guild. The colors are so bright and fun-and the white room just makes my heart leap. Look closely at the pattern too-it's like a block print. Sweet and fun...

Double Decker Twin Duvet Set

Double Decker Twin Duvet Set

Double Decker Twin Duvet Set

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