Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I must recant:
I called my dear Irish mom to wish her a happy St. Patty's day and she laughed and told me it's tomorrow! hahahaha-seriously I joke around about never knowing what day it is  but apparently it's true! AH well-I can redeem myself by doing some shamrock art for tomorrow's post and I get to leave my rainbow and shamrock window paintings up for another day....Good thing I didn't leave the house in a ridiculous green get-up-my kids are too young to be embarassed too so that's also a plus:)

There is so much cool stuff on ETSY-honestly I have to drag myself away! If you are a creative and in need of some inspiration just head over there-type in some random thing you like in the search box and shebang-a whole bunch of love! I'm mostly inspired by color-I head right for the children's section-:) But-today the inspiration and searching thereafter, came from the love of letters and numbers-Seriously there are people that are just NUTTY about typography. I like it alot-but I'm not a nut. Not about that anyway-maybe trees- a regular Beech nut-OK Enough of being ridiculous. Occasionally on Wednesdays I post about blogs that I love too-and I'm doing that today with Pure + Lovely-she was doing a letter craft DIY yesterday-how perfect!

Here are my ETSY finds for the week of letters and numbers...

VINTAGE IN RETROSPECT: I've always gotta give Detroit a little love-it's my old hometown-so whenever I see cool shops from there I post them! Amanda's art is no exception-and it's green too. She's a dumpster diving diva crafting up some fun, cool, belt buckle bling from recycled license plates-awesome right?! Check it out...

less than 3 belt buckle  $29
ialbert: aka Indira Albert this UK based photographer and graphic designer has some really colorful prints that I just love! What really caught my eye though was her generous spirit-15% of all of her sales until March 17th go toward the Japanese Earthquake Relief can also follow her blog here and like her on FB here...

Tokyo street names 8x10  $20
HANDZ: Artist Jan Skacelik from the Czech Republic brings some vintage, modern, Scandinavian flare to some old school American classics. I'm talking bout' Star Wars folks! I'm sorry but I grew up with 2 brothers and I just love me some Star Wars-my nephews think I'm so cool! :) I love the work in this shop...have a look...and may the force be with you...

Star Wars print  8.3 X 11.7  $15
Lettershop: This artist from Belgium crafts up some cute jewelry-simple with a modern vintage feel that I really like! She also felts up some stuff at her other ETSY

E ring 13.50


The other day I stumbled across this sweet little blog, quite by accident , as it seems to be with all things. Well, I'm so glad I did-because I just love it!

They are a cute little family-3 kids, a dog, a mortgage, bills-just like the rest of us right?! This blog is about all of it and some fun DIY/home projects and ideas! Their story really spoke to me and I can totally relate to a life just like that!

Had to share because I know you'll like it too!

Yesterday she blogged about how to put your husband to work-oops I mean making big letters out of board in the yard and painting them pretty!

Here's the story...



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thank you for your sweet shout out! love your blog. its wonderful! ;)

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