Monday, January 17, 2011


The focus this week is BLUE-January tends to make most of us FEEL blue-especially here in Northern Michigan! So i dedicated this week to finding inspiration around the web in blue things...

(1) duvet-West Elm  (2) vintage bobbins- photographic  (3)  Poet sofa-designer Finn  (4) Annette Tatum bedding-$  (5) Juncas grass-landscape ornamental plant (6) baby crochet knit hat-The Blueberry Hill-on Big Cartel  (7) Tie & (8) Elephant case-Brightwall.etsy (from Detroit MI)   (9) road trip bingo  (10) kids lunch box-Dwell Studio  (11) blue forget me not  (12) "scream remix" dot  (13) kids banner-art&philanthropy.etsy  (14) Blue room

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