Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Welcome to Etsy artist Wednesday!

 There are SO many great things made by really creative people on Etsy. It's my great pleasure to find cool things and put them here on my AF blog so that others can connect with their work too! Wednesdays on AF might also feature a cool blog or two so be sure and check them out as well!!

While trolling Etsy in search of blue inspirations I came across a shop called SEVENPLY. I had seen this before as an Etsy Spotlight feature and I always really liked her stuff! Sevenply is the creation of a cool mom from the Garden State (New Jersey). A self professed 80's baby whose main concern is helping to make a greener future for her family. Her "green" work involves repurposing old skateboard decks to make jewelry-COOL RIGHT?

Another artist that reminds me of skateboard inspired design is S.T.E.P. She is a student in Washington who customizes shoes from Converse, VANS, & DC--pretty cool.

Of course no die hard skater fans could forget the bold graphics of the time coming out of Vision, Independent trucks, Vans and a host of others! These vinyl decals take me straight back to the mid 80's LOVE these from The Vinyl Voice in Salt Lake City.

 I think skater art really speaks to me because my brothers were skaters back in the day. I remember thinking all of their decks were so colorful and fun. Every kick-flip, railslide and ollie would put a new scratch or nick in the board until the poor thing couldn't be abused anymore and it would snap in half!

 I can't even count how many decks Dan snapped and how many pairs of shoes he had with holes worn in the sides from skating so much. Chris skated for a while but with Dan it really stuck. You know how if Forrest Gump was going somewhere "he was running"? Well, if Dan was going somewhere--he was skating!

We had a half pipe in our backyard for a while, just behind the pool-oh I'm sure my mom really loved that--I think I remember her saying something about hillbilly heaven's been a long! My dad made them deconstruct it when one day the side fell down! I don't know why--there was only like 10 people up there! So funny!

 We even met Tony Hawk in the parking lot after a skateboard competition in Phoenix. We got his autograph--I was like 9-wow 25 years ago! Hmm maybe I should dig that out of my mom's attic and see what it's going for on Ebay--I could be rich right now!!!!

 Anyway all joking aside skateboarding was a big part of my childhood and all things skateboard related will always hold a special place in my heart! Be sure and check out the great "handmade" items from these artists on Etsy.

 P.S Dan you are so lucky I don't have a pic of the two-tone dye job you used to rock or I would soooo post it!! LOVE IT!

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