Thursday, January 20, 2011


OK-so Thursdays are going to be the days when I add my own work to the AF blog.

 This week was a little challenging because I was procrastinating all week and doing other stuff. Plus, I'm broadcasting from our 5th wheel down in Louisiana right now- kind-of on vacation and visiting the travelling dad.

 At home I have more resources and space at my disposal , even though my "studio" is technically the playroom. So anyway I'm working with what I call my gypsy pack of art supplies and a computer with no software!  I did download a couple of free ones that I can work with--don't tell the hubby! He was complaining about all the pictures I have on the computer. I roll my eyes and assure him that when I upload them to my web albums I'll be sure and delete them. He rolls his eyes at me and we both laugh!

So I'm just gonna post a painting I whipped up last night while the family was unwinding in preparation for bed . Every time my husband would get up and walk around "upstairs" I'd have to stop painting because the whole place shakes slightly-when you are doing something detailed stillness is kind of a requirement! Seriously, it wasn't even that detailed! lol!

So what inspired this painting was a book I read to my son recently called "Mama will you hold my hand?" written and illustrated by Anna Pignataro. The story was sweet, but the artwork was beautiful and whimsical. The watery textures of her work really spoke to me.

 So here is the latest thing I've done-sorry about the imagine quality I had to take a pic of the painting and then edit from there I said-- limited resources! I did however discover that I had in fact added some things to my web albums before we left so I'll post some stuff next week that I have "laying around"-hope you like!

 I also included Spring Birds I & II- they are about a year old, found them in my web album. I think they have a whimsical quality as well.

Live without limits-acrylic on paper

LWL pink trees edit one

LWL pink trees edit 2

LWL pink trees edit 3

spring birds II

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