Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Keeping with my white, gray and branchy theme I've got going on this week I found some complimentary items trolling around Etsy. If you ever need a gift or some art or just a little inspiration-Etsy is a great place to start! Support Handmade....

Eloise Renouf: I absolutely LOVE this artist! Her prints are both modern and simple with a bit of whimsy and the colors are just lovely! Based in Nottingham, England Eloise is a textile and stationary designer who ran her own stationary business, has done design work for studios in both London and NYC and now does commission work while raising her "two lovely little sons" Perfect!

8x11.5 giclee print-$25.00

Morikaty: cute designs and good prices-and lots to choose from! Check-it out...

owl $12.00


Fancy Prints: This creative shop is sooo cute and colorful with great prints for the home (especially the nursery!) The wedding gifts are so original and clever too! Love the thumbprint wedding tree posters that the guests print with their own thumb and then sign!

13 x19 personalized wedding tree poster-$38.00

11x14 poster print-$24.00
PRETTY MY DRINK: This Ohio based shop has some cool stuff. She hand paints glassware of all sorts including these ceramic coffee cups that I just LOVE...lots of different styles too!

PIXIE PIXELS: These vintage inspired prints and posters are sure to please! This shop, located near NYC, has a modern take on french inspired and country decor-Really colorful and pretty designs with great prices!



Stephanie said...

I love the prints from Eloise Renouf!!

Jen Snyder said...

I know right! Gorgeous!