Thursday, February 17, 2011


I am so happy to be home-have I mentioned that? Ha ha-but really-I have so many supplies and materials to work with and no time! Isn't that how it is? I am getting really excited to implement some of my ideas around here and I'm kinda ready get underway--just gotta fall back into my groove!

This week I've cleaning as I stated before and also working on an original painting for a "client"--that makes me sound so professional right? :) Anyway it is a painting for their 10 year anniversary and she asked me to replicate something she saw as a giclee in a catalog. I decided to practice some techniques on a smaller canvas before starting on hers. It was mostly a texture thing and I liked how that turned out. I've been tending toward brighter colors lately in my work and life I suppose, so this one is a little subdued for me but I had fun experimenting. I call it "13".

I'm also including a poster print I did before we left called "Alpena Area". I actually have some posters made up of this one in a 13x19 size and they are on sale for $13 plus shipping. I have 25 of those- so let me know via email and you can have one today! I can take local checks, paypal or cash-ola

Additionally I am posting a dot deer and a pink deer print I did in November as well as my really cool decoupage deer in pink-those are custom and cost about $125 plus shipping and take 2-4 weeks to ship-but I do have a pink one right now-I'll post some better pics of those soon. Hope you like...

alpena area

13-digital edit-poster dot

decoupage deer-pink cherry blossom

dot deer

friendly deer- pink

"13" textured canvas with acrylics

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