Friday, February 4, 2011


Well we usually don't invite the kids for the friday nite supper club--lol--but this week is devoted to our little lovies...but what to feed them and bunch of other peoples kids?

 You could go with the timeless classic of pizza + a veggie tray or the good ol' hamburger on the grill stand by. But my personal fave is the loaded nacho bar! This is a super hit for adults and kids! The great thing about a nacho bar is that everyone can load up whatever they want -so if someone doesn't like onions--they can skip those! Kick it up a notch by adding gourmet lettuces, chopped cilantro, authentic red and green salsa, white and yellow nacho cheese dip, lots of veggies like tomatoes, peppers, green onions, crisp broccoli slaw, jalapenos, guacamole and some real corn tortillas near a hot plate.

Beef is universal-but chicken is great too--just bake chicken breasts, shred and cook it up with taco seasoning, add green chili's to spice it up! Fish is really yummy too-bake up a nice white variety like cod, tilapia, grouper, or mahi with a little spiced rub and olive oil- chop it up-delicious! Keep meats and cheeses warm in an electric skillet or crockpot-let your guests self-serve-well with some parental supervision of course-it's not a free for all! :)

pretty it up with some greenery and flowers--one idea is to use some cilantro in a vase-it's so cute!


Well a giant nacho bar may be great to feed a crowd, but for a smaller, yummy, celebratory mexi dinner at home try this idea---we had them last night--all that was missing was a margarita!



*3 chicken breasts
*1 package cream cheese
* soft tortilla shells-soft taco size
*canola oil
*1 can of refried beans
*1 can of black beans (whole)
*1 can of green chilis
*taco packet
*fresh salsa
*pepperjack cheese (or cheddar if you prefer)
*toppings of your choice like onions,jalapenos, olives, tomatoes, sour cream etc.

*heat oven 350 bake the chicken breasts ( I season mine with salt and pepper-coat with a little EVOO) about 45 minutes.

*spread  half the cream cheese in a baking dish that is about 2 inches deep

*remove chicken and shred-place the shredded chicken in pan add green chilis and taco packet (i use 1/2 small can of chilis) cook it up like you would regular taco meat.

* fill a large skillet with enough canola oil to "fry your burritos" maybe about an inch deep and begin heating the oil-on lower-medium heat like a 4-5 setting-don't crank it up to make it faster it'll splatter

*spread 4-8 tortillas (whatever you think your family can scarf) with the remaining cream cheese. Then layer some of the chicken mixture on them-not too much you need to be able to fold both sides in and roll into a burrito.
*you can keep them together with toothpicks but I didn't need to. place them gently in the oil and let them cook til just browned-turn with tongs-repeat-probably takes about 10 minutes. Remove to a plate-napkin lined will help soak up any excess oil...

*meanwhile with your oven at 350-layer the baking dish with the cream cheese, then refried beans, remaining chicken mixture, uncooked, rinsed black beans, pepperjack cheese and  some salsa...bake about 10-15 minutes or until bubbly on top.

chop up and set-out all the toppings you desire-and EAT!

check out my simple party table-a little cute lantern light, some folding chairs, chunky antique table, drink server, simple flower vase, pretty candle holders and tablecloth, fun and colorful plates, cups and bowls-the melamine kid plates are so cool and reusable, and some yummy would be nice under a canopy of stars too...ahhhhh...where did my margarita go? oh-I drank it...

yes, please!

check out a couple more party ideas and stuff I like....

I love white dishes-the "pearl" set here from Bloomingdales are so sweet-53pc set $69.99

cute right?


All of my boys have E names-so I thought this was cool-plus I just adore typography and Martha!

this paper is so pretty! Check out this and more designs at Heidi

aren't these party favor ideas fun? I love the thought of stitching up a cute little monster plushy for the little ones as party favors!


I found these on Etsy and think they are a hoot! Check out more cool stuff from this shop-Gr0glmann

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