Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This design style has been around for a while. Emerging in the 50's and 60's, Scandinavian designs exhibit simplicity, minimalism, functionality and affordability. Think Marimekko. Although I don't know about it being affordable - some of the mod furniture pieces I came across on my surfing adventures were up there $$$! But, you can always get a slice of affordable Scandinavian fare at big box giant IKEA!

To me this style is modern, simple and white with natural elements like light wood chairs and pops of colorful graphic art. What do you think of it? Could you do herringbone pattern on your wood floors?

Here's a few examples.
Hope you like...

1.Cole Chair from The Century House
2. Order Valet stand Design House Stockholm
3. Wallpaper from Ferm Living
4. Gotland Sheepskin-Huset
5. Print from artist Ingela P Arrhenius
6. Planter from IKEA-$2.99
7. Ring Binders from Ferm Living
8. Potholder from Happy STHLM
9. Lamendahl's Herring storage jar-Huset
10. Isak cups with oak lid $39 - The Sweden Shop
11. Work lamp $100 - Design House Stockholm
12. Venetsia platter from Arabia Finland
13. Copenhagen Tea Towel-from Ferm Living
14. Ceramic Vases from Ferm Living
15. Pillow from Happy STHLM
16. Elbow chair from The Century House
17. Carrie Baskets-Design House Stockholm
18 Step Ladder-Design House Stockholm
19. Ferm Remix Blanket $145-Huset


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