Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I can't even tell you how inspired I am by the artists I've found this week! I love the whimsical designs, fresh content and fun colors of these Scandinavian creations! You will be in love too! xoxo

SYKO- This wonderful collection of soft goods will have you swooning! Her work consists of sewn items like pillows,cards, and prints that incorporate fabrics and stitching. Her collections are playful, colorful and expertly crafted.

She recently published a book "Scandinavian Stitches" and writes about her work in more detail on her blog SYKO. Her blog has links to her work and Flickr photostream- can you say delightful?
Check it out for sure...

Laura Amiss- I know I've told you about this artist before(remember the tea party week?) Well, I just had to feature her beautiful work from the Netherlands in more detail. Her pretty pictures and perfectly stitched canvas pieces make me happy! Check our her website Laura Amiss, her flickr stream here, and her Facebook page here. It's worth the trip...

Majali Designs-You'll surely love the sweet designs from Maja-a graphic designer and illustrator from Sweden. Her childhood inspired pieces really speak to me-they are fun and whimsical but also have an emotional value-like a book-you SEE the story in her work. I'm hooked! Check out her blog HERE and her website Majali...

TTYR-This artist from Stockholm hand-carves stamps for her Etsy shop. She can customize stamps for you with the family dog, your house, kids-whatever! Her designs are simple and fun and there are lots more examples of her work on her blog-This is just to Say...Have a look!


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