Monday, August 1, 2011


This past week I took a little trip to the Motor City to visit my brother, good friend Jen and sweet nephew Aiden. My youngest is the same age (18 months ). It was funny to see them hugging each other and sometimes squawking at one another over random toys and cracker snacks. It was (mostly) relaxing and fun!! :)

I do a fair amount of traveling. I used to travel 100% with my husband (his work requires it). When baby #2 came along we had to settle into a home base while he continued on. Some day maybe I'll write the story of how our family came to be on the road together. It's actually a great recession story that turned out good! My mother-in-law thought we should've told our story on Oprah-hahaha-too late now!

Anyway, while I was packing the car I thought of how nice it would be to show up with some stylish-if not matching-travel gear instead of whatever random bags I could find to shove things in. I even had a laundry basket and a tote, you know, with a lid. I'm telling you- kids need a lot to go somewhere-diaper bags, toys, pack-n-plays-the list goes on!

With my mind on travel I found some cute things I wouldn't mind packin' up and taking along on my next outing. Have a look...

A.) Jane Marvel Multi Weekender bag-$115
B.) Giana laptop bag from Nunzia-$119
C.) Hadaki coated insulated lunch bag-$30
D.) F1 Flight Passport from Flight 001 $15
E.) Shoe bag-Flight 001
F.) Make-up envelopes from Flight 001-$30-$35
G.) Josie diaper bag-$69.99 from Soapbox  bags-
H.) Knirps pocket umbrella $49 Flight 001

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