Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Inspiration...organization

It's almost back to school time and I really want to be organized.  Ezzie will in Kindergarten this year-so it's my first experience with kids going to school. I wouldn't say I'm panicked-but maybe a little anxious.

One of things about this house that I have a hard time with is the lack of storage space and the awkward entry points. I function better when the house is clean and organized and that is a challenge in this space. Our home is a charming, 1940's cottage style house with lots of character and possibilities. You know what that means right? It needs some work. (I am still working on stairway project catch up here.)

When you walk in the front door there is a tiled area and another door in front you that leads to the (carpeted) living room. The problem with this is that it is small and when the door is open the coat and shelf are behind it, so you have to squeeze in and shut the door to hang your coat and kick off your shoes. If there are 2 or more people-forget about it. I mean we try but it ends up getting piled up with shoes. Plus it isn't insulated and we live in Northern Michigan-you get the picture.

The other way to enter our house is through the garage. This is how about 98% of the people that visit us come in. I cannot tell you how much I dislike this. it's buggy, dirty, and because of the position of the house to the lake-the wind blows directly toward it. In the  the summer it's dusty, fall fills it with leaves and last winter snow drifted to 4 feet out there. I have rugs out there but it needs some attention.

The garage is small-too small to park in. Except for maybe a 2 door Jeep. The reason I know this is because my husband has a 1974 CJ5 project jeep that he pulled into the garage last winter and spray bombed-that's right-spray painted INSIDE!

Sounds ghetto right? It is. We've been having the same disagreement about this space since we moved here. I want a MUDROOM. Not huge-just a clean-non-garage, tiled, drywalled, walkway from the door of garage to the interior door of the house. It doesn't even have to be insulated-just leaf and bug free. Is that too much to ask from quite possibly the handiest man on planet earth? He won't budge though. He says I'm trying to take the garage away. lol-tune in for more as I attempt to Jedi-mind-trick him into thinking it's the best idea he's ever had!

The point is- mudrooms are cool, look nice when you come into a house, help keep you organized and I want one. Here's a few elements that I feel are essential...somewhere to sit or throw your purse and keys, boot tray, hooks, bins, an outdoor rug, shelves and cubby space and a recycling area.

Hope you like...

a. Lyckhem Occasional Table-IKEA-$129
b. Assortment of boot trays from Gardener's Supply
c.  Logan Storage Bench-Home Decorator's Collection-$249
d. TubTrugs-plastic storage tub-large-$15.99 (I have some of these and LOVE them!)
e. Shaker style peg hooks-Peg and Rail
f. Indoor/Outdoor
 g. Clip 9 Hook coat Rack-$29.95-CB2
h. Indoor/outdoor rugs-Dash and Albert
i. Flip top trash can for recyclables
j. Assortment of baskets and storage bins-The Container Store

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