Friday, August 26, 2011

Jen's Art Additions...

I've been running around like a crazy person lately! I'm doing things I like at least. A while back I told my readers that Area Fare is  on kind of a lightened vacation mode and when school starts up I'll be blogging again most days of the week. I've really been missing all the home fashion things I've not been reading up on...sigh. In the summer I just wanna have fun outside with my boys. It's hard to think about home decorating too because I've been running so much-to the beach, camping, BBQ's and trips out of town. I can barely keep the house clean much less decorate it! :) I've found that taking the two tornadoes (Ezzie and Roo-Roo) out for the day is the best strategy.

The mural at All Saints is really coming together. Open house is Tuesday so it's got to be done this weekend for sure. Then I start painting the windows over there and after that (hopefully) I'll be able to dedicate more time to my Etsy shop and some new artwork and designs.

Here are two things I've accomplished recently...

Modern ABC-this one is mostly finished-just have to do some practice prints to make sure the colors are true after being printed. Then it's going to be in my shop. Have a look...

And this one is conceptual right now but I like it. I'll probably do a variation of this one with some different fonts. I painted the background on this one. Started out black-and I kind of like the whole B&W thing. Added some color later-It's turning out cool don't you think?

Well I'm off and running again...checking out a resort in southern Michigan.

Have a lovely weekend! Bye-Bye!

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