Monday, July 25, 2011


I know it sounds silly right? Howkapow is a cute little shop I came across during one of my Internet journeys and I felt it was definitely worth a mention! This UK based shop is owned and operated by a young, husband and wife team and features emerging and independent designers. They have an eclectic and unique offering of things like jewelry, home accessories, art prints and kitchen things. Their philosophy is " that investing in bright, new designers with original ideas is how innovation truly flourishes."

Here's a few things I like....

A. Cushion covers in Aqua and Pebble-E40.00
B. Hand Shadow Pendant Rabbits-E25.00
C. Triangle Mug E9.95 or a set E35.00
D. Walnut owl-E25.00
E. Sustainable Seafood Tea Towel-E9.95
F. Firehose Messenger Bag-E199.00
G. Camera Print-E15.00

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