Monday, November 14, 2011

Time to start thinking about the kitchen...

When we moved into our house just about 2 years ago, many things were different. One of the first things we tackled was the landscaping in front. The front of the house was hidden by an unruly mob of bushes and tangly, overgrown flower beds. The house is older (1940's) cape cod style with lots of charm and possibilities. Just before we moved in we peeled off ridiculous amounts of wallpaper from nearly every room and then painted. We have lots of work to do and lots of ideas. It's hard when you like everything like I do-hahah! One of the key points in a class I took recently (shout out to BYW!) was about finding your niche. Though they were talking about it in a blogging sense, I think one could apply this philosophy to every aspect of life!

And so begins my search for what to do with the kitchen. I don't know what was going on in here before we moved in. I can't believe that any woman lived and/or cooked here! That's kind of mean right? I'm sorry-I'm an advocate for the ladies of the world-her man should've been in there doing SOMETHING! Seriously it was ghetto. Complete with old 1940's wallpaper (and not in a cool vintage way), 3 different kinds of cabinetry, dusty nasty fan with yellowy light, NO dishwasher, vinyl floor that was coming up, countertops you wouldn't believe and yes ladies- a camouflage "duck" phone attached to the wall. The guy was a real huntsman, I can't believe he didn't take that phone with him-he probably searched far and wide for that thing like I do for Bertoia chairs! lol.

Anyways-Some of those things are still the same I'm afraid to say. I've done what I could with paint and some slight demo and lots of cleaning. But now it's my turn. We are going to renovate our kitchen this winter and I'm on a real hunt for what I like. I've narrowed it down to a white on white-how can you go wrong-kitchen. I'm hung up on a couple things, like flooring. What are your thoughts about white kitchens and flooring. I've added my Houzz ideabook in the sidebar of some kitchens I love right now...

Check it out!

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