Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Etsy artist finds....Snug studio

I really like this little shop called Snug. They have a cool, modern, simple aesthetic that really appeals to me. The little cutting boards are so fun-I like the cloud. You may recognize the little birdie mobile from my Monday Room Envy post. This shop is in Hannover, Germany-sound familiar? When I was searching for a bio on Snug I came across a post from Holly Becker (decor8) from last year about these artists. She lives there as well and says she has visited their workspace often. Click here for a link to that post. Snug was founded in 2010 by Kerstin Reilemann, an interior designer and Berit Luedecke, an architect. They say that "the greatest source of inspiration are their own childhood-memories of camping trips and things like their grandmother serving coffee. They mix natural materials such as wood and ceramic with a healthy dose of modern design and viola-snug-ly goodness!

Anyway, check out this cool Etsy shop, their Big Cartel store, website, and blog to see more designs!

Happy shopping....

Snug Studio-Etsy shop


leah of sang the bird said...

Cute shop! Thanks for the heads up... I love the cloud boards too x

Anonymous said...

thank you :)