Friday, November 11, 2011

Jen's Art Additions...some sketches

Usually I post my artwork on Thursdays but yesterday was a little busy, so I figured Friday would be just fine. Actually I was working on a piece of Michigan art that was shaping up well and my program froze and I lost some unsaved changes. Unfortunately, I haven't been back to it yet. I know, I know-save button. Today is busy too. We are leaving to go out town in a few. Little guy #1 Ez has a doctors appointment with the University of Michigan today. :(  It might be surgery for him- we'll find out today. (Don't worry) it's a totally non-life threatening thing! So-Today I'm posting some sketches I did a while back of some cute little animals. I've been thinking about doing a collection of some sort but haven't really worked out what exactly that will look like. So, here's some pencil and ink sketches, a digital color preliminary version, and some art from Ezzie (age 5).

have a look...

ezzie art wih some digital editing


Lauren said...

These are beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I have a not-so-great relationship with the save button myself. And thinking of you and your little one. Even non-life-threatening doesn't mean not stressful!

Jen said...

Thank-you so much for your thoughts!


leah of sang the bird said...

Jen, these little guys are gorgeous! Can't wait to see more of them... I have a 5yo too, and her art makes my heart sing! Thinking of your little one {and you} x

Jen said...

AWWW thanks Leah-that is so nice!