Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Etsy artist mobiles

My son had a little party in his class yesterday for All Saints Day. They weren't in school on Monday so it was like a little Halloween party too. I went in to do a craft with the kids. I had a nice vision of making a Halloween mobile. The kids would love it. They would sit down and color the bats/ghosts/pumpkins and then cut them out and help me thread the shapes through the yarn and I would "help" them tie it. They would be super cute and a well balanced work of art!

Well, my bat mobile vision quickly turned into a monstrosity as the kids exclaimed, "I can't cut", showing half colored shapes-"I'm DONEEEE" and "TIE, TIE, TIE". I was just throwing them together, trying to get it done, holding up a totally lopsided bunch of yarn, paper and Popsicle sticks saying, "Here you go buddy, put this in your cubby-your mom is gonna LOVE it!" hahaha.

On the way home Ezzie proclaimed it was the best day ever! Just being in his class was the best thing ever and a source of a couple of chuckles for me!

But it did occur to me that there is more to making a mobile than meets the eye and it takes some patience and skill. Here's a few Etsians with mobiles a mother can be proud of!

Check it out...

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The mailman must have known today was Etsy day at our house too, because he brought my lovely art print from TWOEMS today. I love this shop. I did a write up on this shop a while ago and I finally bought one of her Prints last week (as I vowed I would!)

here is my print and some more of her stuff...

Thank you Melanie! I love it!

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