Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jen's Art Additions...Boston Red Sox ABC

This week was slow in the art department but I managed to create a couple of things. Mostly though I wrote in my art journal. Yes, I keep an art journal and I've found it too be not only handy, but necessary. I write all kinds of things in it. I keep track of colors, things that I see that inspire me, fonts on projects-sometimes images pop up in my brain while I'm doing dishes or laundry and I'll run and get it and just do a quick sketch. In the past I would have scraps of paper all over the place and it would get to be a mess-so I make sure to have a dedicated journal for such things now, so I know where to find something if I need to.

This week I had someone convo me in my Etsy shop to say that they loved my NY Yankees ABC print, except that it was the Yankees-lol-she was from Boston! So I did a little redesign and you can pick that up in my shop here. Gotta get moving. Ezzie has a turkey dinner luncheon at school today and the whole family is going-haha what can I say we're close knit! Daddy won't be home for Thanksgiving so I guess this is the next best thing!

Have a great weekend-I am Christmas shopping out of town tomorrow-yay!

Have a look at the Boston Red Socks ABC...

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