Tuesday, February 15, 2011


WELL-What can I say I'm back HOME--and I have so much to do it's just crazy!!! I didn't think I'd be away quite as long as I was, but I kept watching the weather report and started to think I'm never going back to Michigan! However I am so happy to be back home and staying for good--we briefly considered a job related move to Louisiana-New Orleans area. Our hearts are here in Northern Michigan though and we just really want our boys to grow up in this safe, little, cute town on the shores of Lake Huron. I wasn't working on any decorating projects around here either because I thought we might be moving and I was uninspired. But now that I'm back I've found this old house teeming with possibilities!

Which leads me to the next thing-I'm switching up a few things in my blog to make room for my little house projects I'll lovingly call "my humble abode". Probably on Fridays instead of recipes and drinks every week-they'll make an appearance when we have real things going on-like the REAL Friday nite supper club-which needs to happen soon!

I was really bummed that I missed my Monday Inspirations--I was planning a white week--but seriously I have been working around the house like a mad person and tackling some early spring cleaning and projects! The hubs is only home for 2 weeks so I gotta seize the opportunity to get him to help with as many things as possible! lol-no really-he is the handiest man on planet earth--and fairly neat too- so he likes to straighten stuff  and work on things too-plus he's been itching to set-up a gaming center/man cave in the basement-what is it with men and their stereo equipment? 

I should have posted a picture of a woman taking down the Christmas tree--that's what I've been doing--we had Santa, pine cone wreaths and a variety of Christmas themes still painted on the windows too! Jeez-

Needless to say I've been so super busy getting the house back in shape and "moving back in" that the white hot inspirations I had got put on the back burner! Anyways I'm gonna take tomorrow off too because I cannot be productive and creative when my house/life is out of order:)--but I will be posting some art on Thursday and also some of my first ideas for the humble abode along with an inspiration board for for that project! Should be fun! SEE YOU BACK HERE ON THURSDAY--

Gonna leave you with a pic of the "humble abode" it's a cute little 1940's cottage-style home in a great little neighborhood-with loads of character and tons of possibilities! This pic was taken in OCT/NOV 2009 just after we moved in. You see how the dirt in front is fresh-well the hubs got out his tractor and ripped out some 6ft hideous evergreen bushes on both sides to reveal a porch and some windows-lol-we've done more since then-but I also got a new computer for Christmas-touch screen-awesome-but haven't gotten the pics from the old compy on this one yet!......See you soon!

Our Humble Abode

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