Wednesday, July 6, 2011


AHHH...back home again and showered up! We spent the fourth of July camping with the kids and a group of friends. It was a great time. Our boys were the dirtiest they've ever been but they had a blast swimming, playing at the lake, watching fireworks and eating lots of ice cream!

I have been so busy this summer and things are piling up on the docket everyday it seems. I'd be lying if I said I missed spending time cruising the Internet for things to blog about! I have absolutely LOVED being unplugged. I seriously thought I might put AF on a summer vacation of it's own and resume in the fall when school starts. I can't do it though-I love it too much-it is my source for artistic inspiration and has made me really happy!

 So, I've decided that for the summer I'll do a low calorie version of Area Fare, AF lite if you will. I'm not going to post everyday again until fall but you can expect a couple of posts per week! 

Today a little something from the Etsy Shop:

Jillian Audrey Designs

This Bostonian and self professed crafty girl was on the front page today of Etsy with this photograph:

Isn't it cute! When I checked out her shop I found that she had some summer-ish photo art of beachy things and it reminded me of Alpena, the beaches along the Great Lakes and northern Michigan summers in general!

Have a look...

Hope your summer is as wonderful as mine has been so far!


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