Sunday, July 17, 2011

Something from me...

I feel like I've been really out of touch lately with all things blog related! If you missed my announcement last week about Area Fare being on a kind of summer vacation, read about it here. I've vowed to a least post a few times a week though until fall when I'll be back in full swing! 

Whew-it's been beautiful here in Northern Michigan lately. We had a garage sale yesterday, goodness-someone remind to never do that again! hahaha I'm actually happy to have done it because I've been holding on to things that I just need to let go of. I also got a chance to work on my tan a little and hang out with some friends-- and that is always nice.

Anyway, I thought I'd post a little something today really quick that I worked on last week. It's a new spaceship ABC print for my Etsy shop and a little companion piece of nursery art. The spaceship art print started out as an acrylic painting on canvas. I then did some digital editing to it. Next I added digital color to my spaceship illustration and layered it onto the background.

Hope you like...

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