Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Something crafty I've been meaning to do...

I used to be a real magazine-a-holic. I still would be, except that these days I feel like there's never enough time in the day. Sit down and read a magazine-yeah right! But on the rare occasion that I'm indulging in a nice peruse, I always tear something out to try at another time. Crafts, recipes, ideas for better living-you know how is. Anyway I found myself going through THAT pile the other day-(the torn out stuff pile) and I found something I loved the first and second time I found it.

It's a totally cool, kind-of modern, updated, artsy, embroidered picture DIY idea. I came across this in the Feb/2011 issue of Country Living. It would be a really easy and fun craft to do with your kids too-you could even include the family pet in one of your portraits to add a little flair!

Check it out....

Step One

Make a copy of your photo to avoid destroying the original; if desired, enlarge the image to fit your frame and mat. Affix the copy to watercolor paper (

Step Two

Using a pin to punch holes through the photocopy and paper, outline facial contours, features, hair, and clothing. To create solid lines, punch closer together; for dotted lines, leave more space between holes.

Step Three

Remove the photo and use a threaded embroidery needle to sew a running stitch or backstitch along the holes, swapping in thinner thread as desired. Trim the paper to fit your frame and mat.

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Happy Crafting!




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