Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Inspirations...Multicolor and Zig Zag

Considering all the madness that Target created when it dropped it's colorful swirls and zig-zaggy Missoni Collection last week, I decided to explore this further. The collection features products including knits, in vibrant hues that go well with fall. The color palette features deep purples, hot  pinks, harvest yellows, brown and rust and are intermingled with black and white. Rest assured folks there are still plenty of zig-zag products in multicolored hues out there on the internet, but what you won't find (cheap)is Missoni on the label. I could put my grandmother back into the workforce though! Virginia makes a mean afghan! lol-just kidding Grams! Here's a few similar finds to re-create the look of this prized collection...

Hope you like...

1. Crochet Knit Zig-Zag Pillow-$42 Craftaria on Etsy
2. Amalfi Zig-Zags on lots of products from The MacBeth Collection
3. Smocked Sweater dress $22.80  Forever 21
4. Gradated Waves Scarf  $10.80 Forever 21
5. Rust Chevron Curtain Panels-pair $130 Castle Creek Designs-Etsy
6. Colorful pillows from Madeline Weinrib
7.  Colorful ceramics from Jill Rosenwald
8. Nomad Footwear Turquois Monet Puddles $

1 comment:

Marta Costa said...

I just discovered this! Thank you for featuring my crochet pillow.
It's a pleasure to be included in this beautiful pool of goods.