Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Little Something....

Yesterday was my oldest sons first day of Kindergarten. I'd heard the stories about crying moms and how life changes, but I truly wasn't prepared for it. Oh, I'm sensitive so I knew there would be a tear shed but damn-lol. All day long I felt-sick-uneasy. I didn't go home all day-just had to keep busy, shopping, walked around the block a couple of times with the baby, drove around, went to the school and did recess duty-I was a real nut! hahaha. We both survived anyway, now it's time for day 2.  :)

I'm posting some lampshades and artwork from a store called INALUXE. They were once upon a time on Etsy but have an online shop now on Big Cartel. They have modern and colorful designs that have graced the pages of Instyle, Real Living, Queensland Homes and others.
They even did a print for Kate Spade's Portfolio of Artists and the Year in Color. (August)

Check em out....

Astra -Inaluxe

rainbow lampshade-from inaluxe

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Lisa said...

Love that Astra lampshade! I've got quite a few prints from Inaluxe, just need to find the time to frame many things to do, so little time.