Monday, June 27, 2011


I'm back! Camping last weekend stretched into the middle of the week so I just went with it and took the remainder of the week off as well! My boys had a blast getting tons of fresh air and dirt in every place possible! I had fun too, walking the beaches in search of snail shells, biking and playing all day long! It finally felt like summertime! Ahhhh, back to reality and hot shower.

 I have been super busy around the house too. When my husband is away I have extra chores like grass cutting and such. I actually don't mind it all that much, it's just an additional thing though. I am happy to report that I am nearly finished with my staircase project! For those of you who don't know about this catch up here. Well, I'm actually finished painting them-hooray-I did use my time away from the blog wisely-I still need a runner though and I'm pretty sure I've settled on one-I'll post some things this week regarding that. I've also begun painting the trim and doors in our house-a pretty BM Atrium white gloss. The wood is old pine and beat down. I'm loving it so far.

Our kitchen however is in the most need of some love. It will be the next big project around here and ~hopefully~ will begin in the fall. I've been looking around at lots of kitchens and kitchen things getting ideas. I'm gravitating toward an all white kitchen that is simple and slightly modern, with natural elements like wooden slabs for cutting and potted moss. I also like shades of gray and cream for wall colors and plan to get pops of color from artwork.

Today I decided I'd post some kitchen things I love right now from West Elm....

Hope you like...

1. Bird oil and Vinegar set $19
2. Modernist Mugs $10
3. Bird Bottle Opener $8.50
4. Field Study dessert plates 4 for $32
5. Modernist Bowls $8
6. Acacia Slabs $24-$36
7. Kitchen timers $12.95
8. Wooden measuring spoons $9

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