Thursday, June 16, 2011


One of the reasons I even blog in the first place is to be inspired. Blogging focuses my inspiration and gives my creative concoctions purpose-a reason to be created. The things I find always inspire what I do (artistically speaking) during that week. I almost always learn something new and take that with me to the next project.

 Anyway-the Fido series from John W. Golden really inspired my dog art this week. I was surprised there wasn't a boxer in the mix-They are a great breed-our family favorite. Since Father's Day is coming I thought I'd create an artful rendering of our beloved breed in honor of Wendell who is no longer with us. Other pics this week include a Grove crane-I took the pic last year with my phone on a construction site in Northern Indiana. There is also 2 jeep pics-one is our old Jeep and the other is an awesome Jeep Willy's from a photo my husband likes-I just digitally enhanced those as well.

Man like dog, Man like Jeep-lol-

Hope you like...

Wendell P Boxer Boy-Illustration with digital color and editing

Emm's old jeep

40 ton Grove Crane

JEEP Willy's

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