Friday, December 2, 2011

2012 Contest winners and some holiday windows...

Hello friends! I feel like I haven't blogged as much as usual this week. I have a bunch of home organization, cleaning, and decorating to do-and I've been enjoying that! I've been experimenting with some new wall colors around the house and my yellow runner for the stairs finally came in. I really am almost finished with that stairway project-jeez I only started it last spring-yay! I'll update you once it's finished. To catch up on what I was doing click here.

 It's hard to believe that Christmas is so close. I start thinking in terms of weekends-ok this weekend Detroit, next weekend Traverse City, after that Kalamazoo and then OH-it's Christmas! It's such a busy time of year! I didn't post any artwork as I normally do on Thursdays, but I have been busy with some things! I'm designing a new ABC for an Etsy customer-Washington Nationals baseball team. I like doing little custom things it gives me focus.

Also I've been painting the windows for Christmas over at my son's school-heading there again today. I've been bringing the baby with me all week. The first day he was great, I pacified him with snacks and trucks. But by day 2 the gig was up and window painting was not so fun for big baby! lol I was in the midst of painting a big Christmas tree when someone stopped to talk to me. They were admiring the paintings and I was like-blah, blah, blah-and then I looked down to see Roo doing some window painting of his own. He had both hands on the bottom of the wet Christmas tree and was "waving" back and forth and back and forth! ACK! lol! Um, needless to say, I had to erase that part. Today I'm happy to say they are going to aunt Roxy's! I do love taking the boys and letting them be a part of that. I like them to see me working on artistic things because I feel like I'm fostering a love of the arts in them. But enough is enough I gotta get some work done! :) I'm posting a couple of window paintings I did here at home the other day and then I'll take some pics at the school later today and post those.

Hope your holiday decorating is going as planned. If you've never painted windows you should try it! I use regular acrylic (cheaper craft kind). Then to get rid of it, I spray with Windex and scrape (invest in a real window scraper they are only $5 or so). Clean-up can be messy, but the kids do love it!

Congrats to all the winners from my 2012 calendar giveaway and Love print on FB contest. I decided to send everybody that entered a little something! Happy Holidays! Remember to email me your addresses so I can send those out!


leah of sang the bird said...

Jen, i emailed my address to your etsy site email. Hope that is ok? Thank you so much! Just the pick-me-up that i needed! x

homestilo said...

I've never tried window painting but have always liked how it looks (fun). Congratulations to the winners of the contest (you luckies!)

homestilo said...

...hey...wait a minute...upon closer inspection...i AM one of those "big luckies!!" (smiling from ear to ear now)

Lauren said...

Okay, I will never paint windows (don't have the crafty gene), but I'd love to see the pictures of your son's school!