Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jen's Art Additions...linen owl

I was really inspired by the textile art of Abigail Brown. Her owl print and textile creations were featured as part of this week's feather study. I'm most comfortable painting, drawing or doing some sort of graphic art, but this week I thought I'd work with some fabric for a change. Hmmm. I haven't yet decided if this is art or just a craft!!

First I found an owl to draw here are the instructions. However I cheated a bit and just grabbed the owl and printed him onto some paperbag-like craftish paper. Then I gathered my supplies which included: good scissors, modge podge, glue brushes, super fine sharpie, super glue, twigs, buttons and some linen fabric (I tea stained to different shades the day before).

 I used a linen fabric because I wanted a good fray. Then I started from the bottom and layered my way up, cutting strips to fit his body and always rotating the fabric colors to create depth. I used the fluffy edges of the fabric for the bottom tail feathers and the ears. Once I had the body done, I cut/glued on a mask and the circles for the eyes. Then I glued on all of the embellishments with super glue and used the sharpie to add some last minute details.

 I like it. I framed it and hung it in the office even. However I think that I will stick with drawing and painting and leave the textile art to Abigail Brown! :)

Here it is...

some pics of the process...

What do you think?

Nothing would be right if I didn't do some sort of digital manipulation...:)

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