Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jen's Art Additions and Print Contest Giveaway..YAY!

If you didn't already know, I follow a little format on AF where I pick a weekly topic and explore it further. I find shops, home stuff, artwork, etsy things, rooms and anything else that strikes my fancy-all centered around the weekly topic. This week was geometric shapes and patterns. Every Thursday I post some kind of art piece or craft I've done relating to the weekly topic and today is no exception. This week, however, I'm giving away 2 art prints from the "geometric" artwork pieces I've created
Here's what you do. 

Scroll through and pick the piece you like best and leave a comment telling me your choice.

You have until Friday at 8pm when I close the contest.

Then I'll choose the winner at random-and by random I mean I'll put a bunch of numbers in some sort of vessel and let my 5 year old choose the winners! It doesn't get any more random than that right! haha

2 winners will be announced Monday-Good Luck!

Each piece will be pencil signed and date on front. You DO NOT have to pay shipping-it's 100% FREE!

OK Have a look...

8 x 10 "Geometric Deer"-part original watercolor combined with a digital drawing of the triangle shapes, then layered with a deer silhouette, and digitally altered again.

8 x 10  Art Deco Woodgrain ABC-digital

8 x 10 Geo City original illustration combined with a digitally altered  original watercolor then layered together.

8 x 10 Contempo Bunny digital drawing with a digital edit, layered with a bunny silhouette.


katherine J. said...

I LOVE the deer!!

Missy Stevens said...

The art deco ABC is so cool!


tammie said...

oh i love the deer!

everything bananas said...

those are amazing prints!