Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Etsy Artist Finds.... and me finding myself.

Back in early 2007 I discovered Etsy. Life was different then, I was  different. I loved re-furbishing and painting furniture (mostly kid things). I signed up for Etsy but never really got around to making it happen.

Instead we got slammed by the wave of recession sweeping across Michigan and rapidly to the rest of the country. My husband worked for Chrysler and you know-that didn't turn out so good! lol-I can laugh now, but we nearly lost everything we had-except each other. 

Included in the loss was my creative spirit. You know, life has a way of forcing priorties on you and at the time all my creative juices were being poured into figuring out what the hell we were gonna do! We lived on the road for over 2 years chasing work in my husbands new field. First we stayed in hotels then in our motorhome. Ezzie was just a year old at the time. We were like modern day Okies (ala the Grapes of Wrath).
Now when someone says- "What do you think you'll be in doing in five years?" It sounds cheesy to me-I just laugh! Seriously? We had a brand new house, 6 gorgeous, wooded acres and in an instant we were living in a hotel room in some other state! Still, I felt blessed. I was with the 2 people I loved the most, having some really cool adventures, and we were executing a plan.

Years later when everything calmed back down, and we bought another home, I started thinking about me again. The things I love, the things I want to do. I rejoined Etsy, began blogging, and started cultivating my dreams. I realized how special it was to be able to connect with a community of creatives like me, who were pursuing their passions the way I had dreamed of doing. That's why I love to feature Etsy shops in my Wednesday posts. I hope it doesn't feel too much like a commercial, it's just something I really believe in! SUPPORT HANDMADE!

OH YEAH- Remember my art print contest starts tomorrow so be sure and check that out and you could win some fare for your area--from ME!:)

Here's a few artists that are packing a geometric punch.

Check em out...






Igor Josifovic said...

Woohoo - what a great and cheerful round-up! Me happy:-))) Thank you! Your fellow BYW student, Igor xoxo

Jen said...

Thanks for stopping by Igor!:)

leah of sang the bird said...

I loved your personal account! And I agree, Support Handmade!
I'll check out your etsy shop. Glad you got your creative mojo back x

Lauren said...

In the spirit of BYW, I'll make a list of things I love about this post: 1. Your personal story, 2. The name of your blog, 3. Your great spirit, 4. Those lamps! Great job! xo

Jen said...

Leah and Lauren thanks for the really nice comments!:)