Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Etsy Artist Finds...freshen up with these bright pillows!

I love pillows. My husband makes fun of my affection for all things comfy and fuzzy! When we go on trips I always take a blanket and pillow and he's like " Do you really need that thing?" What can I say I'm a Linus. The boys are becoming Linuses too! They each have a special blanket they call "gankies" :)

Anyway, this cute Etsy shop called ElemenOPillows has some bright, fun, pillows to spruce up your space-(just in time for dull winter months!) I love the bold patterns and colors of these pillow covers. They make great additions to nurseries, mom's room or even the living room!

 Check it out...


homestilo said...

Fun pillows and even more fun to say shop name: Elemenopillows.

Tracey Fisher said...

Wonderful pillows. I am always looking for a couple of special pillows - these have great prints and the price is amazing. I am definitely picking up a couple of these. Thank you for this great find! Yay