Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A little seasonal paint job...

So I don't always just work on my computer! Sometimes I actually paint stuff too! I painted the snowman theme and deer for Christmas at my son's school  (I've been going along with the seasons. I started with a big yellow bus, some flowers and fun stuff to start the school year) then I did a fall theme with pumpkins on a white picket fence and a cute scarecrow. I knew that I could keep snowmen around for several months  (we are in northern michigan lol) so I erased the trees, presents, bulbs and garland greenery,and replaced them with hearts and twine!

Hope this brings you a smile! :) the kids love it~and my boys are so proud that mom is a "well known artist" haha
I hope it teaches them to use their own gifts to serve their communities and inspire others.


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