Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Art Additions...

Gotta make it quick today, my husband is hounding me to finish packing for our camping trip! You know how they are! lol! Anyway, Thursdays are my days for posting any art pieces that I've been working on. This week I finished a cool mixed letter and number ABC print for my Etsy shop! I really like it! Just a reminder-any purchases from my Etsy shop from now until October 20th receive a free 5x7 Halloween art print-choose from the "spooky chevron" or the "keep calm and scary on" Have a great weekend! We will be doing a Halloween Camping trip-complete with decorating, pumpkin carving, and trick or treating!

PS: Any orders from my Etsy shop will ship on Wednesday Oct 5th, 2011-Thanks!

Hope you like...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Anything goes Tuesday...Halloween DIY posters

Everyone loves the "Keep Calm" posters right? Well, they are pretty darn easy to create if you've got a program like Photoshop. But if you don't you can head over to a site called "Keep Calm-o-Matic" and it'll generate one for you! It's pretty fun actually! You can put any words you like in there, pick whatever colors you want, upload an image, then save and print-it's pretty easy!

I went there and made my first poster with a Frankenstein head, then I decided to edit that and put in a spooky house. I wanted to get even more creative, so I did some more editing with photoshop and put the final touches on in Picnik! I love swapping out pics around the house for Halloween and fall prints I've created. If you don't have Picasa and never tried Picnik I suggest you do-it's cool (Picasa is a free download from Google)-BTW Martha Stewart uses Picasa to organize her photos at home!

Remember my Chevron art from last week? I edited that too for a Halloween update on a cool classic...


Check out my creations...

"keep calm and scary on"

I'm going to use this for little Halloween party tags and maybe a little door hanging or something?


Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Inspirations...fall decorating

Our little family headed out for a drive around the countryside yesterday and were pleasantly greeted by the colors of fall. I'm feeling inspired to finish my fall decorating tasks. We passed quite a few farm stands with big wooden carts loaded down with pumpkins and such-- I love that! Fall is my fave season! I like decorating with natural things that I've collected, found at the farmers market  or made from stuff I already have on hand. When I need some visual stimulation I hit Pinterest for a peek, here's some things I liked....

hope you like...


Country Living




decorated bird bath-cool!

Martha Stewart


pottery barn ideas

lace stocking over a pumpkin-good idea!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Put some zig zag in it....

I'm rounding out my week of colorful zig zags with some pretty rooms that have incorporated the ever beloved pattern. Plus a couple of DIY ideas for adding some Zigs to your space. I'm going to enjoy the weekend with my kids and husband (who finally came home from work- He works away from home so we are always excited when he gets back! We are planning to loaf alot, watch the U of M game on Saturday and cook something yummy for fall--White Chili anyone? What are you up to? Hope it's warm and cozy...

 Check these out...

Decor Pad

Amy Meier Design

Emily Walker House and Home

DIY  Zig Zag painted table via Pinterest

you could always just paint your nails....

DIY Chevron keepsake (5x7)

I made one like this recently for my husbands cousin's daughters wedding (lol) I included it in the card along with some $$
I liked it some much that I made one for our house too-you just can't go wrong with the chevron! Anyway it's super easy if you have photoshop or something like that just download a zig zag pattern (find one here from the blog Sprik Space), upload and position it halfway up the page-add some letters, dates, words, etc, print on some lux paper (I used Epson Velvet Fine Art paper) and voila-instant, meaningful, art. You can always convo my Etsy shop and I can do it for you if don't feel the urge to DIY!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Etsy Artist Finds....

Well in keeping with my Wednesday tradition I've trolled Etsy in search of cool things that (loosely) go along with my weekly theme. I am exploring some fall decorating trends including zig zags, crochet and deep bright colors. This journey was sparked by the Missoni frenzy over at Target. Even though they're sold out you can always shop at Etsy folks! lol-but seriously here's a little shop with some cute pillows to dress up the house this fall...

Habitation Inc: This Indianapolis, IN shop stocks pillows and some crocheted housewares that are perfect for some fall color and texture. Shop owner Lesley Herron says that she began making her own home fashions originally because she was decorating on a tight budget. She decided to share her talents with us too and Habitation Inc was born.Her shop is a collection of handmade Bohemian Chic & Modern Eclectic pillows and home d├ęcor.  She enjoys using various designer fabrics, handwoven Uzbeki ikats, vintage hand dyed Japanese shiboris and reclaimed burlap coffee sacks.

Check it out...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Inspirations...Multicolor and Zig Zag

Considering all the madness that Target created when it dropped it's colorful swirls and zig-zaggy Missoni Collection last week, I decided to explore this further. The collection features products including knits, in vibrant hues that go well with fall. The color palette features deep purples, hot  pinks, harvest yellows, brown and rust and are intermingled with black and white. Rest assured folks there are still plenty of zig-zag products in multicolored hues out there on the internet, but what you won't find (cheap)is Missoni on the label. I could put my grandmother back into the workforce though! Virginia makes a mean afghan! lol-just kidding Grams! Here's a few similar finds to re-create the look of this prized collection...

Hope you like...

1. Crochet Knit Zig-Zag Pillow-$42 Craftaria on Etsy
2. Amalfi Zig-Zags on lots of products from The MacBeth Collection
3. Smocked Sweater dress $22.80  Forever 21
4. Gradated Waves Scarf  $10.80 Forever 21
5. Rust Chevron Curtain Panels-pair $130 Castle Creek Designs-Etsy
6. Colorful pillows from Madeline Weinrib
7.  Colorful ceramics from Jill Rosenwald
8. Nomad Footwear Turquois Monet Puddles $

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Something crafty I've been meaning to do...

I used to be a real magazine-a-holic. I still would be, except that these days I feel like there's never enough time in the day. Sit down and read a magazine-yeah right! But on the rare occasion that I'm indulging in a nice peruse, I always tear something out to try at another time. Crafts, recipes, ideas for better living-you know how is. Anyway I found myself going through THAT pile the other day-(the torn out stuff pile) and I found something I loved the first and second time I found it.

It's a totally cool, kind-of modern, updated, artsy, embroidered picture DIY idea. I came across this in the Feb/2011 issue of Country Living. It would be a really easy and fun craft to do with your kids too-you could even include the family pet in one of your portraits to add a little flair!

Check it out....

Step One

Make a copy of your photo to avoid destroying the original; if desired, enlarge the image to fit your frame and mat. Affix the copy to watercolor paper (

Step Two

Using a pin to punch holes through the photocopy and paper, outline facial contours, features, hair, and clothing. To create solid lines, punch closer together; for dotted lines, leave more space between holes.

Step Three

Remove the photo and use a threaded embroidery needle to sew a running stitch or backstitch along the holes, swapping in thinner thread as desired. Trim the paper to fit your frame and mat.

Read more: How to Make Embroidered Portraits - Tips for DIY Embroidered Portraits - Country Living

Happy Crafting!




Monday, September 12, 2011

Lazy Monday...

Well, I'm still not blogging yet to full capacity, but I'm working on it! The little one starting Kindergarten was rough for me, but I'm ok with it now. He's going three days a week-and that's just perfect! It was definitely one of those life-changing moments for me.

 Anyway, I'm sure many of you know but just in case you don't, it's LONNY day! The Sept/Oct issue is out and as always it's a good read. Hope you have a fabulous Monday!

Check it out....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Little Something....

Yesterday was my oldest sons first day of Kindergarten. I'd heard the stories about crying moms and how life changes, but I truly wasn't prepared for it. Oh, I'm sensitive so I knew there would be a tear shed but damn-lol. All day long I felt-sick-uneasy. I didn't go home all day-just had to keep busy, shopping, walked around the block a couple of times with the baby, drove around, went to the school and did recess duty-I was a real nut! hahaha. We both survived anyway, now it's time for day 2.  :)

I'm posting some lampshades and artwork from a store called INALUXE. They were once upon a time on Etsy but have an online shop now on Big Cartel. They have modern and colorful designs that have graced the pages of Instyle, Real Living, Queensland Homes and others.
They even did a print for Kate Spade's Portfolio of Artists and the Year in Color. (August)

Check em out....

Astra -Inaluxe

rainbow lampshade-from inaluxe

Friday, September 2, 2011

Spaces I like-Mudrooms

I'm planning to spend this Labor Day doing some labor! I've got a shrub issue that needs some attention out front. When we moved into our house almost 2 years ago, I was pregnant with baby number 2. My husband travels so it's mostly just mom around here. Well, my dad-thinking he was doing me a favor-started "trimming" a hedge out front between our house and the neighbors. Unfortunately, it was a real hack job!-oops. Anyway-every so often when the neighbors have people over, they'll go stand in front of the hacked bush and talk!lol. I promised to fix it a while ago-our neighbors are very patient and super nice! Hopefully my project will turn out ok-it's very tricky. Hope you have a happy weekend and a wonderful holiday!  

Since I was thinking about organization this week and our crazy entryway, I had mudrooms on the mind. Here's a few pics of some ideas I like.....

via Apartment Therapy

via BHG

Decor Pad

Sarah Richardson

Decor Pad

Highstreet Market Blog

via Jones Design Co. blog

Decor Pad

via Style Understood Blog