Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the ever stylish barcart...

Don't you love bar carts? I don't know if it would be a disaster in our house or not-kids, you know. Can you just imagine a diapered boy on the run with a bottle of booze? Maybe in a few years I could pull it off.

I used to bartend a million years ago and I really like the idea of small, dinner/cocktail parties with a stylish little bar cart on hand. It would be filled with simple bottles with good looking labels and variety of fresh looking mixers and accoutrement's to garnish a yummy something. It sounds more like vacation than real life right? hahaha. Maybe that's what got me about these stylish offerings from Society Social. I like the gilded faux bamboo one. It's so cool and I'm really loving gold right now-that's not usually my thing. The colorful Chinese Chippendale look Hostess carts are super fun too! Some designs will also be available at Ada and Darcy (love this shop!)

 I've been plotting a separate Etsy shop for grown-up things and bar related prints are always great paired up with some pretty glassware and a well stocked bar-hmmm-Maybe I need a drink to get inspired? :)

what do you think?

The Sedgewick -Society Social $439

the Tipple Trolley-Society Social $439

The Hostess Cart from Society Social $549

Monday, February 6, 2012

Some NY Giants ABC art from me...

I've been wanting to build my repertoire of ABC's with team related themes. Team inspired ABC's are always great for little boys rooms-and Dad likes it too! So I figured it was a good time to commemorate the NY giants winning last nights Superbowl and add the NY giants team to my latest creations in my Etsy shop.

Check it out..

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Etsy Artist Finds...freshen up with these bright pillows!

I love pillows. My husband makes fun of my affection for all things comfy and fuzzy! When we go on trips I always take a blanket and pillow and he's like " Do you really need that thing?" What can I say I'm a Linus. The boys are becoming Linuses too! They each have a special blanket they call "gankies" :)

Anyway, this cute Etsy shop called ElemenOPillows has some bright, fun, pillows to spruce up your space-(just in time for dull winter months!) I love the bold patterns and colors of these pillow covers. They make great additions to nurseries, mom's room or even the living room!

 Check it out...